Academic Credit for Internships and Co-ops

**IMPORTANT** The syllabus for the Fall 2014 semester internship program is currently undergoing a revision. A notification will be sent out via email once the changes have been made. This new course will differ greatly from the syllabus currently on the website.

How to Apply

Students who want to apply for academic credit must complete and submit the Internship/Co-op Application for Academic Credit.

*Read the instructions first as it provides important information regarding the application process and the requirements for registration.*


Note: Applications must be completed and submitted before starting the internship or co-op. Credit is not guaranteed and approval should be received prior to starting.

Major elective credit can only be earned one time in a student's academic career for a 3 credit internship. The focus of the internship must be in the student's major (i.e. Accounting Major/Accounting Internship) and only a maximum of 3 major elective credits can be earned, even with a 6 credit co-op.

Any credit earned for an internship after the first 3 credit internship will only count as free elective credit.

1 and 2 credit internships do not count towards major elective credit and cannot be combined to equal 3 credits towards major electives.

A maximum of 6 credits can be earned at one company for an internship or co-op pending approval. A maximum of 9 credits can be earned towards a(n) internship/co-op in a student's academic career.

You may need to meet with your academic advisor via appointment, or via e-mail to discuss the probability of securing an internship and how it might affect your course selection/graduation.

If applying for credit, please make sure to allow at least 5-7 business days for processing.


Application Deadlines

The final deadlines for the submission of applications are listed below. No late applications will be accepted. No exceptions.

Summer 2014 Deadline: June 11, 2014 (Application closed.)

Fall 2014 Deadline: September 9, 2014  


Payment for Internship or Co-op Course

During the Fall and Spring semesters, an internship or a co-op course is part of your tuition bill if you are registered for 12 credits or more (including the internship or co-op.)

If you are a part time student (11 credits or less including the internship) you will have to pay per credit for the internship or co-op.

Summer Session payments for internships are by credit only. Co-ops are only registered during the Fall and Spring semesters and do not apply to Summer Session.

Dates for summer session payments can be found on the summer session website:

Note: You cannot receive credit for the course if you have not paid your term bill. If you are dropped from the course for non-payment, you will not be allowed to register for the course again for that semester. There are no exceptions.



Once the course has been registered and paid for, students are responsible for completing the required deliverables by the appropriate deadline. Please see the syllabus for the major of your internship or co-op for details:

Summer 2014 Deadline: August 4, 2014

Fall 2014 Deadline: To Be Determined; Contingent on New Fall 2014 Syllabus


Questions? Please contact

Ms. Kendra Clarke
Program Coordinator
RBS: UG-Nwk Office of Career Management
(973) 353-3587