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Instructions for completing your online application are available on the webpage entitled "Applications, Forms and Instructions" under Instructions and all Forms to be Mailed in for Students Applying Online. Your application is not complete until all the items have been received:

If you are a current Rutgers University student, or have previously applied to Rutgers University, please provide your RUID number. If you do not have a RUID number, a university identification number will be assigned.

Specific country if not in the USA

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Program and Degree Information


The Doctoral program requires all applicants to take the Graduate Records Examination or the Graduate Management Admissions Test. Students who do not have an academic degree from a country where English is the primary language must also take the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Please indicate the dates on which you took the appropriate tests and the scores you received, or the dates on which you plan to take the tests.



Please list all post-secondary educational institutions you have attended. Include the code, (see below) the name and address of the institution, the dates attended (from what date to what date), the type of degree you received, and the date you received it, what you majored in, what your G.P.A. was, and what the highest possible G.P.A. is at that institution. (The Educational Testing Service has a system of five-digit codes for educational institutions. You can obtain an institution's ETS code by contacting the institution or looking through the brochures for one of its tests--GRE, TOEFL, SAT etc... Contact Pearson/VUE for the proper code for the GMAT)

Note, this is for "applied"

Note, this is for "attended"

What courses have you taken that are relevant to the program you are applying for? Indicate where and when you took the course, the title of the course, and the grade you received.

Work Experience

If your work is relevant to your application, you may email or mail us a brief resume. If you would like to email it, click here; or you may "paste" it into the box below.

Academic Honors, Awards, or Publications

Letters of Recommendation

Please indicate the names and titles of three people who will write letters of recommendation.

The instructions include a form for recommendations. Please print this form, fill out the top part, and provide it to each recommender with a stamped envelope addressed to you. When you receive the letters, send them to our program office.

Ph.D. in Management Program
Rutgers Business School
1 Washington Park, 4th floor
Newark, New Jersey 07102

The letters of recommendation are confidential. Such letters are not accessible to applicants for admission. However, Public Law 93-380, Educational Amendments Act of 1974, grants enrolled students the right to inspect letters of recommendation. If the applicant does not waive the right to access and is admitted and enrolled, he or she will be able to access letters.

(For applicants to the Ph.D. program only.) Academic Awards and Financial Assistance

EOF Eligibility. For more information on the EOF program, which is for low income New Jersey residents only, see

Please email us a personal statement, or "paste" it into the box below.

Choice of Program

Please select the doctoral (or master's) program for which you wish to be considered:

  • A second choice is optional.
  • If you are applying for an individualized doctoral program, your application must be accompanied by a complete study plan developed in cooperation with a member of our faculty who agrees to mentor you. The study plan should use the form provided on our web site. (Go to the “current students” and then to “study plan information.”)

Please indicate any information you feel is relevant but for which there is no appropriate category. You may email it to us or indicate it below.

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